Ongoing Innovation Projects


In 2014, we started using The IPAD as one of the main digital learning tools at our disposal.
Its versatility and potential makes it the perfect ally not only to put innovation projects into practice, but also to carry out the changing process we are focussed on. That’s why, it is the device we chose in our classrooms.
From 5th year Primary onwards each pupil has their own IPADS. We are carrying out a progressive introduction, and thus, by 2018 it will be used in all stages and courses at school, from Pre-Primary Education to 2nd Year Baccalaureate.


Every June, for four or five days, our pupils have some short courses on a topic they have chosen beforehand. It is an interdisciplinary moment where participants create a final production.


The resources we use consider the importance we give to the Integrated Treatment of Languages, always with the support of the modern technologies and methodologies.
Our pupils learn English in a natural and spontaneous way, which is very satisfactory and rewarding.


Fantastic is an initiative which results from our aim to support the correct and responsible use of the Modern technologies throughout the learning process of our pupils.


One of the basic principles of the current education is based on the fact that:” Schools realize the various individualities of pupils and, taking diversity into consideration, we plan the appropriate educational answer, adjusting it to each person’s necessities, characteristics and capacities.” Only by so doing, will we be capable of creating high quality Educational Centers all together.

In this sense, we know that high capacity children learn differently. Therefore, we need, on some occasions, a methodology and specific actions that meet their necessities and support the development of their potentialities.

During this school year 17-18, we will carry out an innovating protocol in the Basque Country. Thanks to this protocol and the Curricular Improvement Project, we will work, from 1st year Primary onwards, towards the identification and attention of the specific educational necessities of High Capacity pupils within the inclusive school framework.