The B.V.M. Irlandesas school stands out for its trilingual nature, focused on the learning process of Basque, Spanish and English in a transversal and integrated way in our everyday life at school. 
In our project, "Integrated Treatment of Languages", we establish the languages students will use for the different subjects. 
Together with the above-mentioned languages, from 1st Year of Secondary School onwards, students have the opportunity to learn German or French.

  • Pre-Primary Education, 2 and 3 year-olds: Inmersión in English and Basque.
  • Pre-Primary Education  4 and 5 year-olds: Distribution of languages-25 hours per week  
A MODEL     7,5 h   10 h     7,5 h
B MODEL    10 h   7,5 h     7,5 h
  • Primary EducationDistribution of languages-28 hours per week  
A MODEL     7,5 h    12 h      8 h
B MODEL     12,5 h     7 h      8 h
  • ESO: Distribution of languages-33 hours per week 
    • 1ºESO
A MODEL  8 h   15 h    8 h2 h (optativa)
B MODEL 16 h   7 h    8 h2 h (optativa)
  • 2ºESO
A MODEL  8 h 15h     8 h 2 h (optativa)
B MODEL   17 h   6 h       8 h2 h (optativa)
  • 3ºESO
A MODEL   7h   17 h  7 h2 h (optativa)
B MODEL   18 h    6 h   7 h2 h (optativa)
  • 4ºESO
A MODEL   6 h  13h   11h 3h (optativa)
B MODEL   15 h   4 h   11h 3h (optativa)


There is only one model, although we continue reinforcing English Language. In 1st year Baccalaureate, our pupils study the subject English Oral Communication, and in 2nd year we devote one extra hour to English Language.

In the subjects of English and Basque, students are divided into levels, which allows us to have excellent results in the Cambridge exams and School of Languages.