Pastoral Planning

In the last few years, the Pastoral in all IBVM Irlandesas Schools in Spain has greatly changed. We are not so interested in activities and we are more focused on what really matters, that is, we want to arise the Spiritual Intelligence of our pupils in all our schools.
The Spiritual Intelligence, according to Carmen Pellicer, is the competence supported by five different aspects that we will develop throughout our educational work. Each of these aspects, like the rest of the basic competences which form the base of the curriculum, lies between the capacities and the experiential command people and human groups develop throughout their life. Different age groups that may also experience different learning situations can be stimulated in a variety of ways, but these five aspects are common to the development of the spiritual dimension and they are good for paving the way for what is exactly included in Pastoral.

  1. Awareness of the inner self.  Understanding of our nature and establishment of the dynamic base of our existence.
  2. Awareness of Spirituality as the cover of reality, key to knowledge and understanding of our personal and social events.
  3. Awareness of the Sacred and the Valuable. Identification of the constitutive elements that form the Sacred and Valuable and placement of collective and individual values and realities in their scope.
  4. Search for the significance and organization of a system of beliefs. Organization of the beliefs that are part of their life, analysing which ones they consider to be their own beliefs and which ones they have inherited from their family or socio-economic environment.
  5. Gradualness of the emotional relationship.