Coexistence and Mediation Planning

At B.V.M Irlandesas, coexistence has turned out to be a strategic priority since the school year 2013-14, because it is a way to encourage relationships in an atmosphere of freedom, responsibility, critical spirit and participation.
That is why, equality has become the cross-cutting axis of our Educational Project and thus, everyday we do our best to prevent all kinds of violence, that is, not only domestic violence used against women, but also against any person who doesn’t meet the social expectations of what being a man or a woman entails. We consider it to be the explanatory factor of the conflicts and bullying among peers in the classroom. Every year, the Coexistence Committee establishes and explains the specific actions that will help us achieve the general objectives of the Coexistence Planning. These objectives are:

  1. Delve further into the model of equality within the coeducational school, the model of Competency-based Learning and within the Charism of the IBVM, revitalising our daily activities at school to guarantee an authentic coeducational culture.
  2. Develop innovative proposals from the gender perspective and settle innovative praxis that strengthens, promotes and develops gender equality, so that we can achieve real equality between men and women, preventing domestic violence and any kind of violence derived from sexism.
  3. Offer guidance to our pupils so that they can choose their life, academic and professional plan freely and considering there is a variety of options regardless of their gender.
  4. Educate pupils so that their emotional-sexual relationships and coexistence are based on the sexual diversity and equality between men and women.
  5. Prevent domestic violence, achieve the early detection of possible cases and pay effective attention to the victims, involving especially all the educational community.
You can find the summary about peer mediation here: Peer mediation