Secondary Education


SCHEDULE: From Monday to Thursday: From 8.30 to 16.20h and Friday from 8.30 to 13.45h

Secondary School is made up of 4 levels.


At this stage, we help students develop an integrated personality so that they can fulfil themselves in their personal, familiar, social and professional life.

Implementation of Modern Technologies:

The learning process is significant and pupils have an active role in this process, as they become agents of their own development, so that they can achieve the necessary skills to cope with different situations in their daily life and become change agents.

The variety of curricular materials are organised in a specific way so that their learning and comprehension processes become easier.

In order to achieve our objective, Cooperative and Project-based Learning are essential, as well as Thinking Routines and Skills, Thinking Keys, TBLs, …


Trilingualism is part of our everyday life at school with subjects in English, Basque and Spanish. In the subject of English Language, students are divided into levels, which allows us to have excellent results in the Cambridge exams.

Use of Modern Technologies:

Modern technologies are present in all Secondary levels, especially with the implementation of digital devices1x1, robotics, digital books, self-created digital material…

Other activities:

In June, and for four days, students carry out workshops in an inter disciplinary way where they achieve full learning regarding performance and relationship with others.

Robotics Project.

French and German, as elective class.

Special training for Cambridge Exams.

Stays in Ireland for 4, 8 or 12 weeks throughout the school year.