Pre-Primary Education


SCHEDULE: From Monday to Friday: 9:30h-17:00h
* Childcare service: since 8:00h

This stage is divided into two different cycles:

    First cycle: 2-year olds
    Second cycle: 3,4,5-year olds


Good Morning Welcome:

We join for the Good Morning Welcome when we arrive at school in the morning. We do it this way because it helps us work various aspects such as values, social relationships or creativity and promote the personal and emotional growth of pupils.

Implementation of Modern Technologies:

In both cycles, we carry out Early Stimulation techniques every day which are based on Glenn Doman’s methodology: Bits of Intelligence (Encyclopedic Knowledge, Maths and Reading kits) and Physical Activity Stimulation program, which help develop both hemispheres.
We promote the development of all intelligences, using a methodology based on Comprehensive Projects, Thinking Routines and Skills, Multiple Intelligences and Cooperative Learning techniques.


In their daily life, our pupils hear people talking in English, Basque and Spanish. At school, the 2 and 3-year olds have an English and Basque immersion program. 4 and 5-year-old pupils also study some subjects in Spanish, Mathematics and Spanish language, and the other subjects are taught either in English or Basque. At this stage, they consolidate the learning process of these three languages.

Use of Modern Technologies:

Modern technologies are part of our methodology in our classrooms. For instance, some pupils from the second cycle of Pre-Primary make use the iPad.
They also take part in different Txokos 2 hours per week: Use of iPad 1x1, Mathematical games, robotics and Lego constructions.

Throughout the school year we will carry out different activities. We will visit the aquarium and the Catering School, and we will see an opera, a play in English…