Our Identity

We are a Charter Catholic Educational School, with a plurilingual and comprehensive identity which belongs to the B.V. Maria Institute, founded by Mary Ward. Our school has an open mentality and is committed with our society and environment, inspired by the values of the Gospels.

We want to be recognised for the educational quality we offer, based on:

  • An education based on the Faith and the development of personal values.
  • A team of people who identifies with the educational model of the IBV Maria Institute.
  • Our fantastic academic marks, which are the result of an individual support and an active and updated methodology which is committed to constant improvement.
  • A plurilingual education especially in English and Basque, and the knowledge of Modern technologies.
  • An education based on our cooperation with the families, as well as the social and educational environment.
  • A management based on the excellence principles of the pedagogical and economic resources.


  • An education which is open to transcendence, because we believe faith and religion fulfil a person.
  • An education based on the values which are characteristic of our spirituality: FREEDOM, JUSTICE, TRUTH, JOY.
  • A respectful attitude towards the human being and their care for Creation.