Who is she?

Retrato de Mary WardThe biography of Mary Ward, founder of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, shows the personality of a woman who was innovative, free and extremely humble. A woman who was born in England during the tough times of the XVI century, and devoted her life to setting in motion an initiative in Europe, which would succeed her after her death and would perpetuate her apostolic zeal and her clear and strong vision in educating the women of her time and the future.

Mary Ward was the pioneer of the apostolic and educational action because:

·         She broke all the moulds leading, together with her followers, a life as “Contemplatives in Action”, that is, carrying out their duty without living in an enclosed convent.

·         She was the first woman to send her nuns far away from their homeland.

·         She was the first one to see the potential women had in all apostolic fields.

·         She envisaged the apostolate in the Christian Education.

·         She was open to all kinds of apostolic work of her time.

Mary Ward, as an educator, tried to change her religious life, so that it met the educational needs. She thought that Education had to be accessible to all social classes, meeting the person’s needs and integrating a spiritual, intellectual, physical and psychological training that prepares a person entirely.


“Work with a lot of peace, joy and magnanimity. What you cannot do in a year can be left in the next one”
“Love everyone, not for interest, but for God” 

“Never consider yourself a winner unless you have defeated yourself” 

“Gather for you, during your youth, a great treasure of virtues and good habits, so that, when you get old, they can serve you of support and comfort” 

“Don’t let a day go by without having defeated yourself”