Our Achievements

We are sure we are working towards the best education for our pupils because throughout our career at school, we have evidence that proves we are right:

Academic Results:

  • Our satisfactory results at University Entrance Exams (EAU) since the school year 1998-99. When our pupils finish their 2nd Year Baccalaureate, they take these exams to enter university, so as to study the degree they are interested in.
  • The high percentage of pupils who can study what they choose as their first option thanks to their high marks at school, and the excellent results at the University Entrance Exams.
  • The fact that several of our pupils have achieved Baccalaureate Extraordinary Prizes in the Basque Country throughout thes school years.
  • Our pupils have also taken part in the Scientifics Olympiads.
  • The outstanding English level our students achieve when they finish school, and which is certified thanks to their Cambridge qualifications, which they take at school because we are a Cambridge authorised exam center.

Recognition of our Management Excellence:

  • We achieved the Silver Q awarded by the Basque Government in 2007…
  • We are implementing the Advanced Management Model.

Other Recognitions

  • We achieved the Advanced Level of the Technological Maturity Model
  • We belong to the Red Sare Hezkuntza Gelan of the Basque Government.
  • We are a Cambridge Examining Centre